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18 January 2006 @ 11:43 pm
HP Novel-Length - A Gift For Ginny: A Retelling Of The Nutcracker (ch12 - The Joining)  
Title: A Gift For Ginny: A Retelling Of The Nutcracker (ch12 - The Joining)
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Draco/Ginny
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger-Weasley, Arthur Weasley (Ron's son), Thalia Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Lucy Weasley, Bill Weasley, Samantha Weasley, Cassie Weasley, Emmie Weasley, Percy Weasley, Penelope Clearwater-Weasley, Daniel Weasley, Elspeth Weasley, Eddie Weasley, Harry Potter, Kathleen Potter, Kayleigh Potter, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Narcissa Malfoy, Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Lucius Malfoy, various Death-Eaters, Lady Brigantia, Brigantia's escort, Spanish dancer, Spanish guitar player, Arabian flute player, Tea Shop passersby, English fiddle player, English flute player, Russian dancers, shepherd boy, children in the playground
Word Count: 933
Also Posted On: My personal indigochild76 journal, Fanfiction.net, The Fire and Ice Archive, Toujourspur.com
Summary: An HP version of The Nutcracker Ballet by Tchaikovsky.
A/N: This was the first D/G fanfiction I ever attempted and ever posted for public review. All Harry Potter references are for books 1 - 5 (but BEFORE learning Ginny Weasley's full name).

Christmas Eve… one year later…

Draco stood next to Dumbledore whose blue eyes were twinkling merrily. He could not believe that everyone was remaining so calm while he, Draco Malfoy, felt as though he was going to be sick.

Suddenly, Dumbledore gently placed his hand on the blond man’s shoulder. Draco heaved a sigh, desperately trying to let relaxation wash over him.

All of a sudden, Draco saw Hermione, linked arm-in-arm with the Weasley twins, walking towards him. He gulped.

“Calm down, Mr. Malfoy,” Dumbledore whispered. “Everything will be fine, you’ll see.” Again, the old wizard’s eyes twinkled.

‘How does he do that?’ Draco thought to himself.

As Hermione, Fred and George approached him, Draco could feel the sweat dripping down the sides of his face. The three then walked to the side… just standing there… waiting. And that is when it happened.

There she was. The most beautiful witch Draco had ever known or had ever seen suddenly appeared in the entranceway… Ginny Weasley.

The red-haired girl was smiling brightly and her cinnamony-brown eyes were shining with unshed tears. She was wearing a most stunning white ceremonial robe that flattered her every curve… and her head was adorned with a lovely veil.

Slowly, she walked towards her beloved… she looked to her left and saw her parents. Molly Weasley was happily sobbing while Arthur comforted her. Both Weasley parents looked as though they were on top of the world… their happiness emanating forth onto anyone who glanced their way.

She noticed Ron sitting with his two children Arthur and Thalia… and then Harry and Kathleen… along with their new little baby girl Kayleigh. All of them were smiling at her as she passed by. Ginny noticed Kat whispering to Harry, “She looks beautiful.” Harry nodded in agreement.

Then, Ginny passed by Charlie and Lucy… and Bill and Samantha along their twin girls. Bill and Charlie were chattering away as they watched their little sister walk past. Charlie winked causing Ginny to let out the smallest of giggles.

As Ginny continued walking towards her beloved, she saw Percy and Penny. Their three children sitting very quietly while watching her pass by them all. Ginny could not help but smile. ‘So like their father,’ she thought to herself.

Ginny glanced to her right. She saw Professors McGonagall and Snape watching her. She was astounded that her old potions professor was actually smiling a genuine smile.

Then, she saw Remus Lupin sitting with Narcissa Malfoy. The blond woman still looked as radiant as she did so very long ago before the war. The years had been wonderful to her despite all that she and her family had gone through.


Ginny had learned that Draco’s father had been one of the first Death Eaters to be captured and sent to Azkaban. While there, he had much time to think about his past actions and realized that he had indeed chosen to fight for the wrong side.

Draco had been unaware of his father’s change of heart and secretly joined the wizarding army, despite his mother’s plea for him not to. Draco had gone missing while on a secret mission and Narcissa had then been beside herself. She did not know Draco’s affiliations with the wizarding army and no one could tell her the whereabouts of her son.

Soon after learning that his son had made the choice that he wished he could have made, Lucius Malfoy died in Azkaban… leaving poor Narcissa totally alone. Remus Lupin then started checking in on the woman and the two became very good friends. Lupin became the brother she never had.

Years later, Fred and George Weasley relayed to Narcissa that they knew the whereabouts of Draco… making her happy and full of life once again.


Ginny continued walking and noticed that all the original members of the Order were there… huge grins plastered to their faces. Just then, Nymphadora Tonks’s hair turned blue and Ginny had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing right out loud.

Finally, Ginny was standing next to her beloved Draco. The blond man took a hold of her hand and gently squeezed it. Ginny blushed causing Draco to smirk.

After that, everything was a blur until the two lovers heard Dumbledore speak, “You may now kiss your bride, Mr. Malfoy.”

Everyone gathered began to laugh… Draco’s cheeks were tinged with pink due to embarrassment. He looked into his Ginny’s eyes and leaned closer and closer until his lips gently touched hers. Ginny heaved a sigh.

At that moment, Dumbledore’s voice resounded, “I present to you… Mr. and Mrs. Draco Malfoy!”

Everyone cheered and clapped.

Draco pulled Ginny into a tight embrace and whispered, “I love you, Mrs. Malfoy.”

Ginny smiled and then whispered back, “And I love you, Mr. Malfoy.” She leaned her head against his chest, wetting his shirt with her warm tears.

Draco touched her chin and forced her to look up into his eyes. He then wiped away her tears with his thumbs.

“I told you, Virginia… that I’d never let you go…” he paused and then smiled. “I will love you forever.”

Ginny smiled as she choked back happy tears, “And I’ll love you forever too… I’ve always loved you… since that day we finally talked in the potions classroom… when I had detention.”

Draco chuckled, “Well Virginia… I’ve loved you since the day you cursed me with your bat-bogey hex.”

Ginny covered her mouth with her hands and laughed as Draco pulled her close for yet another loving embrace.

“Oh how I love you, Virginia Malfoy!”
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