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The Creative Works of Indigochild76

The Creative Works of Indigochild76
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This is a community where I can post all my COMPLETED creative writing, be it fanficion or original fiction... one-shots or novel lengths. The point is that I now have a place where I can store and archive ALL of my completed works.

That said, browse around and enjoy. You can use the memory section of this community as a table of contents for each of the stories, etc. I post here. The only thing I ask of everyone who comments is to refrain from flaming and/or saying anything ridiculously mean (be it to me or anyone else who comments). In other words... play nice. :-)

Disclaimer: For anything that is in the realm of 'fanfiction', I do not own the characters nor the universes within which they roam and play. Those were created by brilliant writers and screenplay writers that I have great respect for. I do, however, take responsiblity and declare ownership for the new situations they are placed in and how they act/react in said situations, etc. No harm is intended for using these characters and universes though, as I write 'fanfiction' purely for fun and in the hopes that others will enjoy the expansions of some of the most beloved characters placed out there in various forms of media (ie books, tv, movies, etc.). Think of it as paying homage to fandoms and artists I adore. All 'original fiction', on the other hand, is totally mine.


The Drabbles
Harry Potter
01. Five Points For Snogging (written for ladybrannon) - Harry/Ginny
02. Untitled (written for veracity) - Blaise/Luna
03. Maybe (written for mynuet) - Draco/Ginny

Star Trek: The Next Generation
01. Listening To Mozart (written for ladybrannon) - Picard/Crusher

Battlestar Galactica
01. Cylon Walking - genfic
02. Minute - genfic
03. Pilot - genfic
04. Realization - Helo/Boomer
05. Remembering - Helo/Boomer
06. Children Of Humanity - Baltar/Six
07. Moment Of Glory - Apollo/Starbuck
08. First Flight - genfic
09. The Third Coming - Baltar/Six
10. Instincts - genfic
11. To Love Is Pain - genfic, mention of Baltar/Six

01. Letter To Houses (written for houses7177) - genfic (Sin City, Riddick Universe)

The One-Shots
Harry Potter
01. In The Black Of Night (written for kirixchi) - Lucius/Narcissa
02. Memorabilia (written for burgosdamasco) - Draco/Ginny
03. Rainpuddles (written for rainpuddle13) - Draco/Ginny
04. Incriminating Pictures (written for rainpuddle13) - Liam/Lucy Ann
05. At The Beginning Of Christmas (written for lizzie9281) - holiday fic, Draco/Ginny
06. The Dance Lesson (written for veracity) - holiday fic, Neville/Luna
07. Session Number Three (written for jessicakmalfoy) - Draco/Ginny
08. Smiles (written for jacyevans) - holiday fic, Draco/Ginny
09. Snow Angels (written for hanabisama) - holiday fic, Draco/Ginny

Riddick Universe
01. Perfect Match (written for the UNLOVED FANDOMS/UNLOVED PAIRINGS CHALLENGE) - Riddick/Eve

Sin City
01. Shadows Of Grace (written for the UNLOVED FANDOMS/UNLOVED PAIRINGS CHALLENGE) - Kevin/Miho

The Novel Lengths
Harry Potter
01. Threads of Silver - Draco/Ginny
02. Phantasmagoria - Draco/Ginny
03. A Gift For Ginny: A Retelling Of The Nutcracker - holiday fic, Draco/Ginny
04. The Vampire Saga - Draco/Ginny


Sister Community(ies)
healers -- 'Healers' is a work in progress fanfiction set in the Harry Potter universe that revolves around the angsty romance between Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley. I had originally started this story after release of book 5 (The Order of the Phoenix) and intended to finish it before the release of book 6 (The Half-Blood Prince) so as to keep it in canon. However, that did not happen and as a result, it has become somewhat AU (or alternate universe). Regardless, I hope you all pop on over there and check it out. Despite the fact that it is now AU, I do plan on finishing this story.